Technician Ownership Opportunities

1. Introduction & Overview

At Athenian Nail Spa & Bar, we’re not just redefining luxury nail services; we’re crafting a transformative experience rooted in community and collaboration. Set to make a grand return to Middle Tennessee in 2024, our establishment stands as a testament to innovation and dedication in the spa industry.

Recognizing the invaluable contributions of our technicians, the very artisans behind our unparalleled services, we’ve introduced an innovative ownership model. This groundbreaking initiative empowers our dedicated technicians to become more than just employees; they become stakeholders in our collective vision. By investing in the spa, they align their passion and craftsmanship with the spa’s growth, ensuring that as Athenian Nail Spa & Bar thrives, so do they. With accessible investment options starting at just $5,000, we’ve democratized ownership, allowing our technicians to directly benefit from our collective success.

But our vision transcends beyond services and ownership. Athenian Nail Spa & Bar is on a mission to redefine luxury in the spa industry. Our ambiance, curated to perfection, promises an atmosphere of unparalleled pampering. Clients can secure their luxury experiences in advance through our pre-sale memberships, enjoying priority access and exclusive rates. And as we grow, our proprietary software, Unÿa, stands as a beacon of our commitment to innovation, ensuring that every visit is a seamless blend of luxury and efficiency.

In essence, Athenian Nail Spa & Bar is more than a destination; it’s a journey, a community, and an opportunity. We invite you to be a part of this exciting evolution, where luxury meets community, and passion meets growth.

2. Investment Structure

Direct Investment:

At Athenian Nail Spa & Bar, we believe in democratizing ownership. Our direct investment model is a testament to this belief.

  • Investment Units: Technicians are not just artisans of their craft; they’re potential stakeholders in our vision. With each investment unit priced at $10,000, we’ve created a structure that’s both accessible and flexible. This allows our technicians to decide their level of investment, ensuring they’re comfortable with their stake in the business.

  • Ownership Percentage: Transparency is at the core of our operations. When it comes to equity, we ensure a clear and fair distribution. The percentage of ownership directly correlates with the technician’s investment amount, ensuring that their stake in Athenian Nail Spa & Bar is a true reflection of their financial commitment.

Sweat Equity:

Our spa’s performance speaks volumes of our collective dedication and commitment.

  • Revenue Potential: A testament to our unparalleled services and ambiance, a typical 3,200 sqft Athenian Nail Spa & Bar location has the potential to generate an impressive annual revenue of $1.6M. With a robust 21% ROI, our financial trajectory is promising, reflecting the spa’s growth and the potential returns for our technician stakeholders.

  • Dividend Distribution: At Athenian Nail Spa & Bar, profits aren’t just figures on a balance sheet. They symbolize our collective achievements, the tangible success of our spa. Dividends are distributed based on each technician’s equity stake, ensuring that as the spa thrives, so do they. It’s our way of ensuring that everyone, from our clients to our technician owners, truly reaps the rewards of our shared success.

3. Financial Overview

Revenue & Profitability:

At Athenian Nail Spa & Bar, our commitment to excellence is mirrored in our financial performance. Our meticulously curated services, coupled with our dedication to client satisfaction, have positioned us as a beacon of profitability in the spa industry.

  • Projected Profitability: Our financial metrics are a testament to our spa’s potential. A typical location, spanning approximately 3,200 sqft, not only promises an ambiance of luxury but also a robust financial return. With our proven business model, such a location is poised to generate an impressive annual profit of $336,000. This showcases the tangible benefits of our combined efforts and the potential returns for our stakeholders.

Dividend Benefits:

Ownership at Athenian Nail Spa & Bar is not just about having a stake in the business; it’s about sharing in its success.

  • Fair Distribution: Our collaborative success is reflected in every dividend distributed. We believe in rewarding our technician stakeholders for their trust and investment. Dividends are calculated and distributed based on each technician’s equity stake, ensuring a transparent and fair return on their investment. It’s our way of saying that as the spa succeeds, every stakeholder, from the newest technician to the most seasoned investor, benefits from our collective achievements.
4. Operational Influence & Earning Potential

Operational Impact:

At Athenian Nail Spa & Bar, ownership is not a mere title; it’s a role of influence and responsibility. Our technician owners are not just stakeholders; they are pivotal decision-makers.

  • Shaping Services: Understanding that our technicians are on the front lines, interacting with clients daily, their insights are invaluable. They play a crucial role in curating and refining our service offerings, ensuring we remain at the forefront of client preferences and industry trends.

  • Operational Decisions: Beyond services, technician owners have a say in key operational aspects. From determining operational hours to selecting product lines and even influencing marketing strategies, their voice is integral in shaping the spa’s direction. This ensures that Athenian Nail Spa & Bar remains agile, responsive, and always aligned with both client needs and staff insights.

Earning Potential:

Ownership at Athenian Nail Spa & Bar is a journey of shared growth and prosperity.

  • Dividend Growth: As the spa achieves new heights of success, the dividends reflect this upward trajectory. The flourishing performance of the spa directly translates to an increase in the technician’s dividends, ensuring that their financial growth parallels the spa’s success.

  • Long-Term Benefits: Beyond immediate dividends, the spa’s robust profitability trajectory promises substantial financial growth for its stakeholders in the long run. As the brand expands, diversifies, and solidifies its position in the market, the value of each stakeholder’s equity is poised to appreciate, offering both immediate and future financial rewards.

5. Benefits of Ownership

Financial & Operational Rewards:

Ownership at Athenian Nail Spa & Bar is a symbiotic relationship, offering both tangible and intangible rewards.

  • Financial Returns: Technician owners are not just employees; they’re stakeholders. This means they directly benefit from the spa’s financial success. Direct dividends, based on the spa’s profitability, ensure that as the business thrives, so do they.

  • Operational Influence: Beyond financial gains, technician owners play a pivotal role in shaping the spa’s direction. Their insights, feedback, and expertise actively influence key operational decisions, from service offerings to marketing strategies, ensuring the spa remains attuned to market demands and industry trends.

Job Security & Growth:

A stake in the business is more than just an investment; it’s a commitment.

  • Stability & Security: Ownership fosters a deep sense of belonging and commitment. This ensures a dedicated and consistent workforce, leading to increased job security for technician owners.

  • Professional Development: As stakeholders, technician owners have myriad opportunities for growth. From leadership roles to specialized training and workshops, the spa is committed to nurturing their professional journey.

Community & Camaraderie:

At Athenian Nail Spa & Bar, we’re more than a team; we’re a family.

  • Collaborative Spirit: Shared ownership fosters a unique sense of camaraderie. As co-owners, technicians collaborate more effectively, share insights, and work towards a common goal, creating a harmonious and supportive work environment.

  • Shared Vision: A collective stake in the spa’s success ensures that everyone is aligned with the brand’s vision, nurturing a culture of mutual respect, trust, and collaboration.

Join Our Family:

Athenian Nail Spa & Bar is not just a destination for luxury; it’s a hub for passion and growth. For those dedicated to their craft and eager to shape the future of the spa industry, we offer more than just a job. We offer a partnership, a journey, and a legacy. We warmly invite you to join our family, to be a part of our vision, and to ensure that Athenian Nail Spa & Bar remains a beacon of excellence in the spa world.